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By Heidi Keskitalo June 29, 2018

Form Finland is a group of craft entrepreneurs living and working in the West Coast of Finland.

Nanna – leather and piece of old lace

I have been involved in a project called “Det Österbottniska folkhemmet” – “the Ostrobothnia family home”. The main purpose was to develop our products and brand, and to look for potential markets for our businesses. During the Project we have gained shared knowledge and experiences in product development processes, and feedback from professionals in different business fields. We have also been provided with an opportunity to test market potential of our new products in Finland and now internationally at Tendence fair.



Elsa – Leather and piece of old lace.

With this novel collection that I am presenting now at Tendence fair, I have used recycled lace at the top of the handbags.

This collection of handbags is full of stories. It is also my way to honour handicrafts.

The first Finnish lace factory, Lassfolk lace factory, was

established in Pietarsaari 1911, which is my hometown. Back then the founder of the factory, Anders Lassfolk, travelled to Germany to buy machines for his plant. When I visited the local historical museum in Pietarsaari, I got to know how laces were produced in the Lassfolk factory. I also saw old pattern books full of lace patterns of that time.


Rakel – piece of old lace

It was such a joy to find out that many of those lace patterns produced in Lassfolk lace factory were similar to what I have selected and used in my collection. Within this little collection of three handmade bags, I have also combined the regional knowhow of leather forming located in the neighbouring city of Pietarsaari. I found the history of the Lassfolk lace factory very interesting, thus named the handbags after the Elsa-wife of the Anders Lassfolk and their two daughters, Rakel and Nanna. This is my way to honour their work. The Lassfolk factory was run over 80 years in Pietarsaari before being closed down in the beginning of 1990’s. Today, the old factory building is still in place as an important part of the new Campus-area of Pietarsaari.

I am very glad to introduce my new bag in Frankfurt at Tendence rair.  The project has been long but the travel of these new bags is just beginning. I hope to hear more stories from old lace factories and I’m happy to see new sellers from Central Europe. See you in Tendence Hall 9.0 G30-32   !


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